My name is Scott Fields Davis. I was born in Garland, Texas in 1971. I first became involved with music at the age of eleven, when I joined the orchestra at my junior high school. At the age of fifteen, while attending North Garland High School, I shifted my focus to choral music. I joined the school choir and began taking lessons in voice, piano, and music theory.
After high school, I attended Richland College where I continued my education in music. While attending Richland College I studied composition under Dr. Jerry Wallace Ph.D. and Mr. James Tran. From 1990 through the Fall 1994 I was a member of the award winning Richland College Select Choir under the direction of Mr. Jim R. Henderson.
In the summer of 1994, I attended the the University of Texas at El Paso. While attending the university I had the opportunity to organize and direct my own volunteer choir and to play a role in a production of “The Marriage of Figaro”.
In 1999 I returned to the Dallas, Texas area where I continue to compose. From 2000 - 2012 I sang in The Garland Chorale founded by my former Richland college instructor, Mr. Jim R. Henderson. In 2012 The Garland Chorale was disbanded.

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